Prim and Proper? Guess Not. Manga Review: Hime ja Nagutteru

Your puny life is meant to be a sacrifice for my sake.

-Princess Miki

 It’s nice to see you again my fellow Otakus! It is time for another manga review. Today we are going to see the story of a not so ordinary princess and her journey with her most trusted companions to guide her(not really guide her Id say).


  • Author: Nagaoka Taichi
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Seinen
  • Serialization: Comic Meteor



This adventure takes place in the kingdom of Akura wherein the princess that has reached 15 years of age must undergo a baptismal journey across the country. Nanami, the main character, and the magician were chosen to join the party of Princess Miki along with the mighty swordswoman Tsubaki. There is just one eensy, teensy, weensy little problem Princess Miki is a complete a**hole! She selfishly and arbitrarily wants everyone to kneel before her and demands the utmost respect, which is a complete pain. With an attitude like this anyone would want to blast her or even hit her, unfortunately, she is royalty and the inheritor of the sacred power which is vital in their world so she is without a doubt completely untouchable. Will Nanami be able to finish this pain the a** journey with a pain in the a** princess like her?


Somebody teach this girl some manners please anyone! The story of this is fresh and original but somehow I’m getting a similar vibe coming from Gabriel Dropout. It’s probably because the personality of the characters seems somewhat similar. After reading the first chapter I knew that this manga has some potential and therefore I bookmarked it. The story is very funny and sometimes you could relate to most of the problems like how you have this friend who acts all high and mighty like and you have to teach this person some common sense or manners otherwise he or she won’t survive.The character’s personalities are what makes this manga so funny. Princess Miki starts acting like a b*tch and Nanami has to deal with all her complains from time to time. The art style and background all have the medieval theme touched with some fantasy on it which goes great with the characters. With each passing chapter, the story keeps on getting funnier and funnier and all the more exciting. The last manga chapter I read was Ch5 so it’s still quite a few if you ask me but I’m very excited for the upcoming ones since a lot of weird yet funny stuff happened in the last few chapters of the manga. The funniest part for me was when I finally saw the Princesses weakness which made me see a cute face that made my heart go doki doki and also made my stomach hurt so much out of laughter and it still does (But I’m not telling nor showing it otherwise it wouldn’t be funny now would it.).


Overall I give this manga an 8/10 for the original characters and plot but I still need a few more chapters. So if you guys want to see an adventure filled with hilariousness and some weirdness then the bit*** princess and the magician are awaiting you.


If you read it how was it?

Who is your favorite character?

Which chapter did you like?

Let me know in the comments below.

Well, that ends today’s review, until next review my fellow Otakus 🙂




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