10 Anime’s that deserve a sequel or reboot

Some anime’s deserve getting sequels, but there are some who need one too

If an anime was good but needed more to tell, then they deserve a sequel or reboot depending on the manga or LN.

This topic will cover 10 random anime that I think need a sequel or a reboot.

1. No Game No Life

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Starting off with an obvious one, No Game No Life needs a sequel.

It was a fantastic show to watch, with interesting characters, a good story and it was complex.

Then the ending happened, where we got a really intense cliffhanger making us guess what happens next.

Sure we got a movie, but it was a prequel, so hopefully, Madhouse will come back to this.

2. Death Parade

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Yet another Madhouse anime, but unlike NGNL, this is an original piece so nothing is stopping it.

The fact that it is set in the afterlife, where the dead play games to determine their outcome, makes it a very interesting show.

Another good reason is it’s ending, which makes it look like it’s getting ready for something big.

True it’s only been two years, but this isn’t a show Madhouse should forget about.

3. The Devil Is A Part Timer


This is a personal favorite of mine, it’s been 4 years since this brilliant comedy came out, so where the hell is season 2.

Full of funny and brilliant characters, with a hilarious story, the waiting for season 2 is killing me.

However it is based off an LN, which take longer to make, but come on, there must be enough material now.


4. Akame Ga Kill


Fans of the series were a little hurt by this, considering it went beyond the manga and had a different ending.

Now that the manga has finished, it would be nice to see this series get the FMAB treatment.

With a great mixture of characters on both the good and bad sides, I’d like to see this happen.

5. D-Frag!

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D-Frag showed me something, it showed me that you can have an anime with a male MC surrounded by female characters, without it becoming a harem.

Not only is it funny as hell, it focused on games (not like Death Parade), which led to some really funny arguments.

Anime’s like this are a bit rare, plus I would like to see where the story goes too.

6. Mermaid Forest

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Probably the least known anime on the list, Mermaid Forest had something going for it.

This could’ve been a long lasting anime, but just when things really got going it stopped.

Sadly it is based on a small manga, although I would like to see a modernized or a completely new version of the story.

Mermaid Forest had something unique which many anime’s don’t have these days.

7. Deadman Wonderland

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This is one of those rare occasions, where an anime was canceled before it’s prime.

Having read the manga and watched the anime, Deadman Wonderland would benefit from a reboot.

A few characters were actually missing in the anime, so restarting from scratch would make this a horror anime to remember.

8. Sankarea

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This one was actually a little surprising since the anime only covered 10 or more chapters.

Sankarea is one of the few good zombie anime’s out there, being one of my favorites from the genre.

Having read the manga fully, another season would be able to create some of the really dark scenes it contains.

9. Baka & Test-Summon the Beasts

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Even though this show has already had two seasons, I feel like there is still more to tell.

Maybe a final third season could clear everything up, for example, the love triangle between Yoshii, Himeji, and Minami.

Plus Class-F has still yet to achieve their goal, so maybe another season could make them finally reach it.

10. Mysterious Girlfriend X

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Definitely the strangest anime on the list, MGX is one of those romances that had something unique.

A couple swapping drool is weird, but the chemistry between the characters was really well done.

I’ve read the manga fully, but I would like to see the whole thing as an anime, because of how interesting it was.


So that’s 10 random anime, I believe should get a sequel or a reboot.

If you guys enjoyed this I also do game reviews here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWJWBK16zuiHkdudnVH8T-Q

So what anime do you want a sequel or reboot of?

Put it in the comments down below


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