League Of Legends Skin Based on Anime?

So a couple of new Blitzcrank skins have been released on the internet. With big great thanks to Instagram.

Everyone is talking about it.

This is the first for a League Of Legends skin. No other champion has received 2 skins under a single release.

We believe the reason for this is one skin represents beauty, light, and innocence.

Whiles the other skin represents darkness, evil and corruption.

Lancer Paragon and Rogue Blitzcrank skin

Rogue Blitzcrank skin

Concept art was also leaked on the Nexus website and then made viral through a Reddit post.

Lancer Paragon and Rogue Blitzcrank skins

Mike Tummers” the managing editor commented on the viral Reddit post. Declaring that they are 2 separate Blitzcrank skins and not an ultimate skin.

Lancer Paragon and Rogue Blitzcrank concept art

Rogue Blitzcrank concept art

For you League Of Legends players, skins will most likely be available after the 7.22 patch.

Riot Games Tell Us What it Was Like Developing these Blitzcrank Skins

“Usually one of the first things we do when developing a new skin is create a clear thematic goal from which to work. Something like: “We’re going to make Arcade Blitzcrank, now let’s figure out what that looks like.” But when we started brainstorming the next skin for everyone’s favorite Steam Golem, we tried something a little different. This time around, instead of starting with a thematic goal, we asked ourselves, “What’s the most impactful part of playing Blitzcrank, and how can we make that feel even better?” The answer? The hook. Always the hook. Whether you’re playing as Blitz or against him, you’re always focused on his Q, so we decided to start with the hook and let that guide the rest of the design.” SOURCE

Was the Blitzcrank Skin Inspired by the Code Geass Lancelot Mech?

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding this particular skin

You see, this design looks very similar to the Lancelot mech from Code Geass.


…the team at Riot makes no mention of this.

code geass Lancelot mechLancer Paragon and Rogue Blitzcrank skin

It’s very tough to believe for someone or some people were not thinking of Lancelot when designing this skin. I mean…

…there are so many similarities between the two.

The most obvious one is, of course, the color scheme. Black and gold, painted on the edge of the armor.

Another very obvious similarity is it’s a mech. Yes, I understand Blitzcrank is a robot.


…if Lancelot’s design was replicated on a human/mage character it would look a lot less obvious that this was inspired by the Lancelot.

So was this League Of Legends Skin Based On Anime?


There’s nothing wrong with the new Blitzcrank skin being inspired by the Lancelot.

In fact, I’m going to get back into League Of Legends because of this skin. You see, Code Geass is my favorite anime of all time and I’m happy about this skin :).

It’s just kinda sly that they didn’t mention the Lancelot or the epic Code Geass series.

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