The Mystery and Curse- Anime Review: Another

Death is not friendly. It’s dark, black wherever you look at it. You are all ALONE.

Misaki Mei

Hi guys and girls we are at that time of the year again, Yes it is the day of the dead or Halloween and we are in it for some spine-chilling stories and anime. For this anime review, I will be talking about Another – an anime that talks about mysterious deaths and a mysterious student who has a connection to it.

  • Episodes: 12 and 1 OVA
  • Genre: Horror, Mystery, School, Thriller
  • Aired: January 12, 2012 to March 27, 2012
  • P.A Works

Another talks about an incident that happened in 1972  to a popular student named Misaki. Misaki died halfway through the school year in Yomiyama North Middle School’s Class 3-3. Filled with sadness and grief over the loss of their classmate the class tried to move on and still think that Misaki is still there, leaving the desk and bringing it to the graduation ceremony. No one could explain though why their classmate, dead and buried is in the class photo and graduation ceremony. After 26 years in spring 1998, a boy named Kouichi Sakakibara transfers to the class and begins to grow suspicious of the fearful atmosphere within the class. He suddenly becomes curious and fascinated with a mysterious girl in class wearing an eye patch who is always drawing and sitting alone. Kouichi seems to realize that the class never talks, nor see her and does not acknowledge her. A girl with the name Misaki.

The atmosphere and mysteriousness of the first few episodes gave me goosebumps. The anime holds a lot of mystery and a lot of blood and I mean a lot of blood! There was not a single episode without blood spilling and splatting everywhere which made the anime more gruesome and awesome at the same time. The plot shows a lot of twists and turns which made the mystery really deep. The opening song which was called “Nightmare Contagion” or “Kyoumu Densen” made the anime give off an intense vibe and leaving me mystified to the mystery of the anime. As for the ending song “Reminiscence” or “Anamnesis” gave a soothing and calm song to ease the intensity after watching 24 or 23 long minutes of mystery, blood, and death.

The flaws of it were about the different character’s way of dying but you don’t want me spoiling the fun now do you? The characters are full of mystery especially Misaki and the art style fits the dark atmosphere of the plot and anime. As I watched each episode I was full of curiosity and intensity to where the mystery will lead to and how the characters will face it. I also saw that they made a live-action version of the anime and it isn’t exactly the same as the anime because as I said the way the character’s die is different.


My overall rating for this anime is 9/10 because of it’s great story development and characters. If you want to watch an anime with a creepy and mysterious vibe about a cursed classroom, gruesome deaths, horrible truths and a mysterious girl with a mysterious past then this anime is for you!

If you guys want to ask some questions let me know in the comments.

How intense was it for you?

Who is your favorite character?

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