Top 4 Creepy or Scary Girls in Anime

Hello my fellow Otakus and I am back. This time I shall tell you all about the Anime girls who seem quite cute on the outside but have some of the most twisted secrets, minds and stories you would not want to know.

Get ready to meet the girls who have made their mark in creepy and scary. (Warning: It may contain spoilers so read at your own risk).


#4: Misaki Mei from Another

Scare Level:4/10 (Creepy Loner)

 “How does it feel to not exist?”

 Misaki is a girl who happens to be ignored by everyone in her class except for the new transfer student Sakakibara who happens to talk to her often. Sakakibara does not understand why no one sees her except him. What he does not know is that Misaki is no ordinary girl but a person chosen to be non-existent in her class due to a dreaded curse that started in that class 26 yrs ago.  Misaki has black hair, wears an eyepatch, has 2 different eye colors and has pale skin. She is quiet, barely talks and is introverted at times.

I have to say that Misaki is quite the character in Another. In the first few episodes she was clouded in mystery and in the end of all of it she was connected to all of the incidents. Misaki is a person you and I can probably relate to. I mean that feeling of being ignored and forgotten hurts. But she changed after meeting with Sakakibara who made her feel less lonely. Which helped her open up to others more.

#3: Emma Ai from Jigoku Shoujo

Scare Level: 6/10 (Doll-like Demon)

“Human is an existence full of sin”


Ai is a demon who sends people to hell through a website that appears every midnight. Just type in the name of the person you want to send to hell and she will make it so but in return you shall burn in hell as well. She is an introvert, very stoic and often has an expressionless face. She is wise and calm and has a sense of justice, and seems to be sweet at times.She normally appears in a black serafuku with a red bow. When she is going to send someone to hell, she wears a black, flower patterned kimono.

Ok so if you see this girl in your room you definitely are going to hell along with the person who sent you there. She is definitely going in my things to watch out for because if I see that face somewhere at night I know where I am going to end up.

#2: Lucy from Elfen Lied

Danger Level: 8/10 (Sadistic Killing Machine)

“Aren’t we all monsters inside?”

A traumatized childhood destroyed her completely which made her into a sadistic and psychopathic killing machine. She shows no mercy to anyone who stands in her way and makes her enemies slowly suffer and die due to her sadistic nature. The only person she will not kill is Kouta our main character who loves Lucy and made a promise with her. She has pink hair and during battle wears her helmet or vectors.

I feel more pity rather than fear because of her backstory which was extremely sad. But I have to admit that her psychotic personality has caused a lot of tragic events in the anime. She can be scary at times because of that.

#1: Yuno Gasai from Mirai Nikki

Danger Level: 10/10 ( Scary, Terrifying, and Crazy Yandere!)

“You cannot spell slaughter without laughter!”


Yuno is the true “Yandere of Yanderes”.She may have a cute face and cute personality on the outside but on the inside, she is what you expect. Crazy, Unpredictable and obsessively in love with the main character Amano. She will do anything in her power to keep anyone away from him. Her bi-polar personality makes it all the scarier making it hard to predict her. Yuno is a young girl with pink eyes and long pink hair styled in pigtails, two hanging as frontal locks featuring a pair of red bows, and the back pigtails left bare. Her most common attire consists of a blue shirt with a ribbon on her chest accompanied by a blue skirt with high socks.

She is by far the scariest girl I have seen in any anime and I would not want to see or even encounter her in any situation possible. If I see someone who is nearly like her I would avoid such a person as much a possible. Her twisted personality just creeps me out so much.


Who would you wanna see in the next creepy or scary girls ranking?

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