A Stupid Horror Story. . .or Not. (Yanderes)


I’m sure most people who have mingled with the anime community for more than a month would be familiar with the term “Yandere”. Yanderes are characters that are willing to go above and beyond for their love. By above and beyond, I mean above the law and beyond standard sensibilities. Basically, they are prone to stalk their lovers, be very obsessive and jealous over them. It’s to the point where they will even kill any rivals in love or anyone who may even pose a harm to their love. They may even resort to killing the person they love, themselves. It’s that “If I can’t have them, no one can!” type of deal. Literally, “Yan” means someone that is insane, and “Dere” relates to love.

(Yanderes are infamous for using common tools like Kitchen Knives and Box Cutters to commit their murderous deeds. Some also tend to find tasers.)

Yandere with Taser


(Then you have Shirayuki, who pulls all types of weapons, guns, and instruments of cruelty from somewhere inside her school uniform or Kimono [or is it a Yukata?].)

Now, Yanderes shouldn’t be confused with Yangires. Yangires do pretty much the same things Yanderes do, except Yangires aren’t motivated by very strong feelings of love. A great example of Yangires would be Mion and the other girls from “When They Cry”. Now, I never watched the anime in its entirety, but from what I did see and what I have read about it, they certainly weren’t motivated by love. I also believe Lucy from “Elfen Lied” would fall into the category of Yangire.



For some reason, these kinds of characters have become very popular. I’m not sure why, but I believe it to be the switch from cute and crazy that tends to attract a lot of viewers. There are people like me tho, who don’t really have many interests in these crazy characters. I do enjoy watching them in comedy anime though. For example, Akane in “Renai Boukan” was pretty entertaining to me. Ofc, I also liked Shouko and Shirayuki.


Just dealing with one Yandere can be a handful and a risk to your life. Now imagine if you had to deal with a harem of them. Now that would be true horror, right? It would be like if every girl in School days acted the same way Kotonoha did.
(if you, somehow don’t know who Kotonoha is, here is a pretty graphic and bloody image of her handiwork –> Click here if you don’t mind seeing quite a bit of blood)

Well, that’s how I thought any kind of twisted story about a harem of yanderes would quickly turn out. Actually, I never thought such a story would even exist. Of course, such a story does indeed exist. It is a Light Novel by the title of “Love Dependency Disease”. Basically, it’s about a high school boy who has a knack for attracting Yanderes. It’s near impossible for me not to be curious about something like this, so I went and checked it out.

The novel exceeded my expectations by a large margin, to say the least. For one, it was definitely among the funniest things I have ever read. I was not expecting this story to be so hilarious. Second, the concept was pretty different from what I thought it was going to be. The yandere girls in the story, or girls with LDD (Love dependency Disease), weren’t all the same. They all had LDD at different levels. One was just abnormally obsessive. One was kind of a stalker. One had a multi-personality disorder. There was also one who was a full-fledged Yandere, who was only mentioned and wasn’t seen yet as far as I read. This made the story very interesting.

Yandere Harem

Third, the plot didn’t revolve solely around these yanderes. The story also had other themes and events in it that kept it fresh. The story also had plenty of other characters that were both interesting and entertaining. To my surprise, this was a legit story that just had a unique premise and a lot of humor. It turned what would normally be a dumb horror-esque story into something interesting, fresh, and funny. I’d love to see something like this get an anime.

What’s your opinion on yanderes? Do you have a favorite yandere character?

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