Monster or Demi? Demi-chan wa Kataritai! Review

Saying a person who tried hard to move forward “went too far” isn’t right.

– Hikari Takanashi

Hello everyone and as we continue our Halloween celebration I have decided to be reviewing “Interview with monster girls” or “Demi-chan wa kararitai”. It isn’t exactly horror in any way except it’s got cute school girl monsters instead. Get ready because you’re in for one hilarious ride!

  • Episodes: 12 and 1 OVA
  • Aired: January 2017 – March 2017
  • Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, School, Seinen
  • Studio: A- 1 Pictures

Demi-chan’s story starts in an age where “Ajin”(demi-humans), also known as “Demi” are slowly getting accepted in society.A biology teacher named Tetsuo Takahashi studies these so-called “Demi” but he has not seen or talked to one. Until he ended up taking care of 3 of them in school, namely Hikari, Machi, and Kusakabe. Hoping to gain some knowledge from them and also managing to catch their attention. Will Takahashi-sensei be able to handle the Demi’s unique traits and gain his longing knowledge of them?

Ok, in my opinion, I like the characters the most since they share a lot of hardships but still hold on and seek the help of each other and Takahashi-sensei’s kindness and concern for them is sort of like a father’s.As I watched the first episode I knew that this anime would have some interesting stuff just waiting for me to see. Another thing that I like about Demi-chan is how they added some romance into the mix of it even though there is no romance genre said. The plot holds a lot of meaning like friendship, love and how each person is special in their very own unique way. The comedy was really good and I like especially the hilarious misunderstandings. The anime also teaches us how much our teachers are concerned and how caring they are to us. I like how much information I am getting about “Demi’s” in a lot of ways.Each episode always made a special memory to me whether a hilarious one or a life lesson. The anime is very educational for people who want to know about some monsters of myth and legend.


The drawbacks of this anime are only a few but for me, it is just that the art style was not exactly good nor bad just normal. The anime may not be for kids since most of the words or lines may be confusing.  There is also a reason why the OVA of the anime was released on June 29, 2017, but I could not exactly find it. The opening song of the anime called “Original” gave the anime a kick start on a cool and relaxing scale. The ending song called ” Fairy Tale” was really relaxing just like opening but it had a sense of peace etched into it. There is also a song for Hikari called ” Watashi wa IMADOKI shinsedai BANPAIA” or ” I’m a modern new-age Vampire!” which a talks about herself basically. I cannot think of any way this anime can be bad since the development of the characters and the story were both unique and interesting.

Overall my rating for this anime would be 9.3/10 for its development, plot and funny characters but the art style needs a little bit of improvement. So if you guys wanna watch something not scary on Halloween but still filled with some monsters, some hilarious moments and some romance then it is time you watch and meet the “Demi Chan’s”.

If you watched the anime are you hoping for a second season?

Who might be your favorite character? (Personally, Machi is my Favorite)

What scene did you like the most?

Let me know in the comments below

Until next Interview I mean Review. Bye and have a Happy Halloween! (starts doing an evil laugh).

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