The Perfekt Anime For Cheat Day! – Shokugeki No Souma Review

I’d like to start off with something purely coincidental and hilarious too. Not one second went without me eating food and watching Shokugeki no Souma. I, without knowing ate whatever food I had while watching a food anime and realized the coincidence very late XD


  • Episodes: 24
  • Aired: APR 2015 – SEP 2015
  • Studio: JC Staff
  • Genres: Ecchi, School, Shounen


Story: 10/10

A completely original story, Shokugeki no Souma takes cooking and Ecchi and mixes it into something delicious (pun intended). If you aren’t a fan of Ecchi (which I am though) this anime might as well not be for you because every single episode has a lot of Ecchi involved. With that out of the way, the story moves smoothly (like butter) and is filled with comedy and Ecchi in a somewhat balanced way (like bread and butter). It’s fun to watch, and doesn’t rely on stereotyped anime tropes to move the plot, even the beach episode was worth it. All in all, story is an aspect where it scores full marks.


Art: 9/10

Being made by JC Staff, Shokugeki no Souma doesn’t fail to impress as the art is top notch and vibrant, it goes well with the food (like rice) and the characters too! I love the way the colors complement one another, the dark and whites, the red and dark red match perfectly and make it a whole lot more realistic and intuitive (like the yolk and the whites of the egg).


Sound: 8/10

The OST is amazing, ’nuff said. It totally spices you up and like spice accentuates the final taste, rather than overrule it. Speaking of spice, the first OP/ED were an excellent starter and could be one of the best themes of that year, but the reason I gave an 8 was mainly because of how disappointing the second OP/ED were… I expected better, but the aftertaste was how you’d feel when eating Souma’s revolting cooking. You expected better but instead vomit. That’s how bad the second OP/ED were. Other than that, the VAs did an excellent job, Souma and Megumi in particular, they were perfectly the voices I imagined while reading the manga.


Characters: 7/10

Quite the disappointment, the character development was oil and water, it didn’t mix well with us watchers. Apart from Megumi, it seems no one developed any character development at all. Except maybe for Nikumi who developed feelings for Souma, but that’s all. And don’t get me started on how horrible Himedere-sama was:

Souma: The title character, Souma develops little during the course of the anime, in fact, I could hardly find a difference between him in the first episode till the second-last episode. Maybe it might be because he wasn’t a wimpy MC, the kind you find everywhere, so he didn’t need much development. But I, in particular, liked his personality a lot, but have to agree on the fact that it didn’t develop much.

Megumi: The only character apart from Souma who got a lot of screen time and development, Megumi’s character evolves so well, you might think the anime should be called Shokugeki no Megumi instead, as she develops a lot. The Shy type, she learns a lot from her mistakes and wants to strive hard to be equal to Souma. So far, in my opinion no other character from the anime developed this far. If the other characters are the sides, she is the main course.

Erina: A character I somewhat liked in the manga became someone I loathed during the anime, Erina (or more preferably Himedere-sama) is the princess of the anime, an archetype I hate and curse on a daily basis. She doesn’t develop at all during the anime, aside from pointless and useless ‘feelings’ she gets for Souma (not a spoiler as it is shown right from the beginning, a pretty disappointing outlook). I mean, most Tsundere wannabes have better reasons for liking the character, even Kotegawa Yui had better reasons for liking Rito in To LOVE Ru (he was kind to her). Her stuck-up personality and ‘I’m the Queen’ attitude was something I hated a lot, and you would too. She was just like Sadatsuka’s cooking’s smell (watch to understand what I mean, still not spoiler :P).


Enjoyment: 10/10


I really enjoyed watching the anime, it was something different (which you might know from my other reviews is something I always wanna find) from other anime. It was hilarious, 

cheeky and amazing too. It had the perfect blend of comedy, cooking and Ecchi too. None of these three lacked in any way whatsoever to me and I’d love to rewatch it again and again too!

 Another thing I loved was how it built suspense, you’d expect that Souma would win and defeat everyone every time but the truth is that he doesn’t, and the suspense is always maintained, so you’re always on the edge of your seat waiting for the next thing to happen.


Overall: 9/10

Shokugeki no Souma is an anime that reaches high levels. It’s one of those anime that deserve their popularity (like Souma) and the way it conveys itself is an achievement too. The way it throws episodes like a buffet is something to wonder about. I’d easily say this was the best anime of it’s respective year. Ecchi fans and cooking fans rejoice! You’re gonna love this anime!

“Glad you liked it!”

P.S: Megumi best girl <3

P.P.S: Apologies for all those food puns, I couldn’t help myself. Oops! I made another pun XD


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