The True Power Of Obsessive Love – Mirai Nikki Review

The anime that brought us anime’s beloved yandere. There is probably enough related content to link back to this show between the memes and the game Yandere Simulator alone. One face made an internet sensation. To be honest, I probably would have never been interested in the show had I not been curious on how we got to the point of that face. So let’s do this one proper and make a review out of it.

  • 26 Episodes + 1 OVA and 1 special
  • Aired Oct 9th, 2011 – Apr 15th, 2012
  • Psychological, Action, Thriller
  • Asread Studios

I wish my imaginary friends hooked me by putting me in situations like this. So our main character Yukiteru (or just Yuki) Amano lives a boring life much like most people. He goes to school and back practically unnoticed by society and has little to no friends because of it; except Yuki doesn’t care since he has an imaginary friend known as Deus Ex Machina. You heard me right, THE Deus Ex Machina. He decided to turn Yuki’s phone into a device that can read the future and merely brushes it off as part of a little game. As he starts to realize that it actually works, he gets a message predicting his death. In enters Yuno, a classmate of Yuki’s, who also has a phone that can predict the future. She helps keep him alive as well as kill off his killer. This is when he realizes that he is a part of a survival game put together by Deus Ex Machina to determine who will succeed him. Now Yuki must rely on Yuno to stay alive, even if she is totally obsessed with him.

Story: 8

I know that synopsis was really long but that’s the bare minimum needed to understand how this plot works. To be completely frank, I love this story. It’s not perfect, in fact, it’s riddled so full of logical holes that the mafia thinks that it’s too much, but I can’t help but love it. Call me crazy (and I will give you enough reason later on), but this is a solid concept. For one, it plays out just as you would think a survival game would play out; with alliance and betrayal. I really like the idea of using the ability to tell the future to outsmart each other but having each character able to tell the future in different ways to make each interaction unique. Take for example Yuki and Yuno’s diaries, as they call them. Yuki’s phone can predict everything he will see in the next 15 minutes while Yuno’s will predict everything Yuki will do in the next 15 minutes. These messages occur every 15 minutes. Each diary is different to the other while also having blind spots to ensure no one person has a total advantage.

The other half of this show is Yuno and Yuki’s interactions with each other. I couldn’t help but find amusement in how the two of them interact. They are usually put more along the lines of Yuno being really forward with Yuki and him getting really nervous and embarrassed over it. Over all, it’s a great story if you allow it to flow as is. If you like to stop and try to put pieces together as you go or always trying to be the next Cinema Sins, then you are in for a bumpy ride.

Art and Sound: 7 and 9

The art was really good in terms of quality and variety. The textures were detailed and the characters were unique and nice to look at. There were a few times when the art takes a unique twist to fit the mood of the scene. Other times it was just the use of lighting that made the scene good looking. The only problem I found was that the CG wasn’t done as well as the rest of the show. I get that they wanted to make Deus Ex Machina feel otherworldly but CG is not a good look on him and it made him look more like a distraction.

Just going to say this right off the bat… The opening song is fucking amazing. The opening sequence as a whole literally fit the tone that the show was going for; deadly and chaotic. Some say it spoils a lot of the upcoming plot, but so do a lot of openings so we aren’t doing anything unusual here. The other openings, as well as the endings, are also really great but not as iconic as the first opening. The voice acting was also really good which is good since you at least don’t want to be annoyed when you hear one character call out Yuki’s name 80 times or so (yes I counted lol).

Characters: 8                                                                                          

Now, this is the section that is usually where you can tell how somebody feels about Mirai Nikki. These characters are either really good or down right annoying depending on what kind of person they are. For me this show made me realize how much I love yandere’s. They are literally my favorite “dere” type. So for me, I loved Yuno’s character. Some say she didn’t get any development or didn’t have a character at all, but I think her being the yandere she is enough of a character for me. Plus she hasn’t enough brains to be able to make some pretty amazing plans. Yuki may have been a push over but he too learned to man up and take charge for once. As far as bad guys or minor douchebags, they were pleasantly hate-able. I could think of one or two characters who I could have gone the whole show without interacting with. Although they are only side characters so it wouldn’t matter either way.

Final Thoughts

I pretty much showed my hand earlier in this review but I love this show. I enjoyed every episode and even tolerated the subbed special. I had no problem cruising by the flaws in the story because I enjoyed it anyway. It sort of reminded me of what happens when you mix a James Bond movie with a bad soap opera. A tale of murder and love as one would say. If you haven’t watched it yet, I suggest giving it a watch, simply to get a taste of yandere that is Yuno Gasai.

Final Score: 8 out of 10

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