Memories From Past Lives – World Break Review

It’s an idea most of us think about from time to time. What if we retained some memories from a past life? Or how many times have we explained a skill we have to us simply being good at it in a previous life. Although, this show presents a possibility of it being true and just what people would do. Seiken Tsukai no World Break, otherwise known as World Break: Aria of Curse for a Holy Swordsman, officially gains my second place award for longest title for an anime. A small victory to be sure, but it’s a start.

  • 12 Episodes
  • Jan 12, 2015 – Mar 30, 2015
  • Action, Harem
  • Diomedea

So our setting starts us off telling us that there is a school specifically built to train kids who awaken as somebody who has the memories of a past life who had fighting talent. They use the words “fallen hero” but honestly they also include a lord of darkness in that category, so the term is broader than the words mean it to be. It’s here we meet our main character, Jesus! Shit, I mean Kimito. Crap, I mean Moroha (Mor-oh-ha), who does what most teens do while sitting in the opening ceremony; falling asleep. He is awakened by a pink haired loud mouth that recognizes him as the brother her past life loved to an incestuous level. They also find another girl also fell asleep. They wake her and she recognizes him from her past life as well and kisses him. Let the antics begin.

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Story: 6

So as far as harems go, this one does a decent job of it. That also in turn means that the story has to suffer, but props for the studio opting to tell one at least; not a very interesting one but a story none the less. Although, with how that synopsis went, I bet you can guess what story it mostly resembles. I know it’s kind of unfair to judge it by comparing it to another show but the similarities are too uncanny. For example, the main character is a gifted individual, with abilities nobody else can do or at least not at his skill level. Several episodes are centered around the MC going and solving the problems of close female characters for which said female character will gather feelings for him. It doesn’t matter how much effort a side character puts into fighting a strong foe, the main character will always show up to deliver the final blow. It’s one of those situations where the setting can be anything so long as the character types remain the same and there will be a show title to fit it.

It’s a shame too because the concept is really unique; people remembering and retaining their past lives and being able to channel them to protect against evil. I just wish that they went about telling this story in a different way. Moroha can one shot/combo practically anything since he can suddenly *POOF* remember more of his past lives (yes he has 2 and nobody else does) that just so happens to know a stronger spell or reminds him of just how good he is at fighting with a sword. This is not growth, this is cheating. He stacked his hand with joker cards before going to play high stakes poker.

There isn’t a chain in this world

for a person to chain down another.

– Moroha Haimura

Art and Sound: 6 and 7

Following up on the average parade, here we talk visuals. There isn’t anything spectacular that really grabbed me about them. Which isn’t a bad thing. The particle effects were pretty nice but then it doesn’t anything interesting for monster designs. We had a pile of giant snakes, two blobs, and a dragon. Once again I say they were average and that isn’t a problem. The art is much like the office guy at work. He comes in, does his job, and clocks out and while you notice him there while at work, you will never remember his name after you leave.

The sound is in a better position in my opinion. To start with, the opening theme is stuck in my head simply because I have never heard a song quite like it before. It’s actually kind of hard to describe in terms of quality. I later found it has a bit of Arabian style to it, but that could just be me playing the Shantae games recently. The ending wasn’t as confusing for me but just as good to listen to. The sound effects were nice and smooth and the voice acting was never annoying or terrible although I can’t speak in favor or against the accents used to depict the different nations. It’s the Infinite Stratos situation where they decided to show case the super power nations (or at least the ones that people can name in the first ten seconds) and wanted to have voice actors with unique accents to those of the nation they represent. In IS, they were hammy and stereotypical, but here I can’t say either way. I enjoy stuff like this because it makes the characters feel more unique as long as is doesn’t make them sound silly.

Character: 7

          It’s weird to look at these characters and try to figure them out beyond the “Must bone Jesus” motive. Like I said before, these characters all retain memories from previous incarnations of themselves. So they will sometimes act in the manner they had back in the day. So pin pointing whose character we are dealing with can become tricky at times. You may be thinking “But if they are the same person, shouldn’t that just serve a trait that is embedded into their personality?” which is a solid point, but you must remember that there is an era gap between themselves. You wouldn’t say you were raised the same way as your grandparents were, so there would be a difference in morals and likes. The only one not affected (too much) by this is the MC himself since he is channeling Jesus Christ 97% of the time. As a whole, these characters aren’t bad for only being half unique and half copies of other people. It just makes them complicated. A side character or two are put in the situation of being sitting archetypes which is fine since they are at least archetypes I am fond of, that being the nymphomaniac and the adorable young loving girl. Other than that, I can’t say there was a true villain here. Just set pieces for the MC to topple.


Final Thoughts

As far as a concept goes, this was a pretty unique one. Definitely not one I have seen before. It just feels too much like other anime I’ve watched before, like the aforementioned SAO. So in the end I didn’t end up liking it as much. There wasn’t anything that really made me go “Oh shit” or “Fucking hell”. Although, there was nothing entirely wrong with it that left me unable or unwilling to continue watching. It follows the path of average-ness and status quo. Much like the forgetful lives that we have lived before as well.

Final Score: 6 out of 10

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