5 Most Popular Anime Shows At The Moment (Guest Post)

There are always new anime shows being released, and it can be difficult keeping up unless you are a diehard fan. It can be even harder sifting through the sea of shows and finding a high-quality series.

Don’t worry. Below you’ll find five solid and amazing new anime films (all released in the last two years) that may have flown under your radar. So, don your favorite shirt, grab a bucket of popcorn, and enjoy some fresh anime series. It’s always tough keeping up with the vast world of anime, but we hope these five series give you somewhere to start.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


Produced by Wit Studio, Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress is an amazing anime series involving a peculiar style of zombie. During the industrial revolution, a virus overtakes humanity and transforms all those infected into “Kabane”. These creatures are frenetic undead in the style of 21 Days Later, but can only be killed by piercing their glowing heart. The heart is cased in a hard layer of iron, which makes destroying the Kabane particularly difficult.
To protect themselves against this scourge, the humans retreat to large fortresses on islands. To supply and travel between these fortresses, the people use large armored trains. Unfortunately, the Kabane hijack one of these trains, and overrun the island country of Hinomoto.
This provides an opportunity for a headstrong engineer named Ikoma to test a new weapon specifically designed to kill Kabane: The Piercing Gun. Though the weapon is successful, Ikoma is infected with the virus.
Somehow, he resists the infection and transforms instead into a Kabaneri, a hybrid between human and kabane. Ikoma’s escape from the overrun city is aided by another Kabaneri named Mumei. They and the other survivors now must find a new home, fending off the Kabane throughout the journey.

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress was written by Ichirō Ōkouchi, and is currently available for Instant Streaming.

Joker Game


Joker Game is a spy-based anime based off a Japanese novel series written by Koji Yanagi, which won the Mystery Writers of Japan award in 2009. Production I.G produced the series, which runs for 12 tension-filled episodes. As the Japanese prepare for World War II, they recognize the importance that highly-trained spies will have in the upcoming conflict. Hence, Japan creates a new spy agency named “D Agency,” which will infiltrate foreign powers.
The narrative begins in the autumn of 1937, and much of the initial episode involves introducing and training these new spies. This episode introduces all of the characters and introduces the viewer to the concept of “The Joker Game.”
Fans of serious tradecraft spy concepts will certainly find a lot to love about this anime. There is plenty of subterfuge, double-crosses, and wonderful twists. This is true even for the first episode.

Much of the fun of Joker Game comes from the interaction of the characters. There are some great personalities in D Agency, and each one feels unique and well-rounded. That isn’t to say they are all good people, but they certainly are interesting. It is great seeing a show introduce so many characters and be comfortable letting them grow as the series progresses.

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