Nanbaka First Episode Impressions

This anime is everything I expected it to be – but was it really worth watching?


Yeah, I think it was. I mean, the first episode wasn’t mind blowing or anything super hilarious – it was okay though. But to be honest, I didn’t expect it to be so unrealistic: of course almost every anime has something that doesn’t belong to our dimension, but the prison in the anime called “Nanba” is supposed to be the safest prison on earth! No one ever escaped it! And yet you still leave the four most dangerous prisoners in the same cell? xD

Anyway, based on the irony and the art style, this is clearly supposed to be a comedy anime, which is great! But I don’t think drama would do any good in it, not even a tiny bit. In the last scenes they started telling us the story, what we can await in the future episodes etc. etc. And I don’t know, I don’t really feel like finding out who that mysterious guard with the scar on the back of his neck is – I just want to see these four idiots break out of prison and make jokes about how they want to see a woman again.

All in all, this anime is pretty funny, I love the art style and character design so far – I just hope there won’t be too big of a story in the future episodes.

What’s your opinion on the first episode of Nanbaka?

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Daze ya later guys! ;D

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