Ultiamte Decisions Family and Friends: ‘Mob Psycho 100’ Episode 11 Review

It’s insane. ‘Mob Psycho 100’ is almost done. I’m excited. What will happen? Will we meet the true founder? Eek.

Reigen is back. I like Reigen. He’s wise and idiotic at the same time. I like that. He provides a lot of insight to Mob, though. It’s interesting. Reigen’s lying through his teeth. But Mob trusts him wholeheartedly. And because of that Mob is torn. During the battle, he can do two things. He can trust Reigen or his family and friends. Who does he choose? His mentor. Or his family. The people he loves are tearing him apart. I’m not sure what I’d do. Not that I’d be in that situation anyways…

Because of Reigen’s reappearance, we get to see something…unique. His past. It’s fascinating. Was anyone else expecting a sort of sordid past with a troubled family? Because I thought that. Or maybe he had a really manipulative family. Or something along those lines. Or maybe a Miketsukami from ‘Inu x Boku SS’ past (The tortured soul, maybe-slave, and maybe-sex toy.) I do have a little conjecture, though. Maybe he HAD powers. Maybe he misused them and LOST them. Wouldn’t that be interesting?

That little guy! The masked one. (Not the pasty newbie.) His powers are crazy. What is that? I have no clue… Gravity? Something about gravity, I think.
And the other guy with the sword. Plastic? Ha! This makes me wonder how psychic powers work, though. It’s complicated, I’m guessing. Psychic powers are different for each person. (Just look at Mob and Teru’s powers. Different. But similar.)


The battle was insane, though. It was all-out. I love these action sequences. It’s big and brash and loud. I want to see more of these scenes. It’ll be fascinating to see what happens. Who wins? How badly will the other side lose?
This anime is really amazing with the battle scenes. They’re massive and colorful and BOOM POP POW. It’s thrilling. Not that I’d like to be a part of that…


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