3, 2, 1, Fight!: ‘Mob Psycho 100’ Episode 10

The rescue mission is still on. Mob, Ritsu, Teru, and Dimple are encountering new foes. The Scars are still being unleashed on them. And being destroyed.


The new psychics are interesting. They have a lot of different powers. We have the pyrokinesis guy and the guy with the spirits. The former isn’t unique, but the latter is. People can expand more with powers in anime. It’s a very visual medium. The powers are diverse. It’s a wide range. I can’t wait to see the remaining Scars’ powers.
But that lady with the skintight suit? Why just her knees and fists? That makes no sense. Why not her feet?

Kageyama’s powers are gorgeous. I’ve mentioned it before. It’s an aesthetically pleasing power. I love it. Every time we see it, my heart races. Kageyama’s powers are crazy amazing.

The new kid psychic was so pasty. Seriously. His character design screams American. (You know, the stereotypical design for Americans? That or European. Neither works out.) I am interested in figuring out more about him, though. We saw a section of his personality. He’s cocky and smirky. Why? What’s his power? There are things I want to know. Now.

When fighting the Scars, more often than not, we spend maybe 5 minutes on the fight. Sure, Mob is superpowered compared to everyone else, but he still has limits. He’s collapsed many times before. Why not now? Sure, it’s a plot thing; keep Kageyama going, so we can eliminate enemies, but won’t he break soon? The battles are insane. They’re so short. I wanted to see more of the others’ powers. We didn’t even see the dolls explode except for the aftermath. We don’t know about the Scars and the Claw. I want to know more. Don’t leave me hanging.


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