The Chase and the Fourth Person: ’91 Days’ Episode 9

The summer season is coming to close, and we still have a living Nero. Things are muddied, though. We have Corteo on the run and Avilio questioning everything he is going to do. And the possible fourth person. Things are getting very complicated, and we have maybe 2-3 episodes left.

Am I the only person who never seems to pay attention to soundtracks? Because I don’t. I pass it over. I DO listen to the OP, though. But the background music for this anime is pretty amazing. (Not as amazing as some, but it’s still pretty amazing.) The mood is really set by the background music. And the tense moments of this anime are truly highlighted by its music. I never really noticed it until now. But A+ for the soundtrack.

And that twist! Who knows? I never expected it. I was guessing…well, I don’t know. We haven’t even thought about the fourth person for a long time. I almost forgot about their existence. Honestly, though, I was gunning for maybe…I don’t know…the Bespectacled Dude? Or is he one anyways? I can’t keep track of their names…
How will Avilio react, though? Will he try to shoot Number Four on the spot? After all, he’s there. But will Four shoot him first? This mob thing is getting kinda confusing.
Also, is anyone else wondering by the Galassias have stepped up? Are they still mourning Ronaldo? Because other than the police and Avilio, I see no problems for the Vanettis. They should just…blast on ahead. They’re acting as if someone is going to hunt them all down and kill them. Aka I’m super confused. Not that I understand mob politics in general. Sooo.  Plus, congrats, Nero! You’re moving up!



Agh. I’m annoyed now. This is the SECOND anime this season that has turned into a Derp-Fest. (The other one is ‘Orange’, by the way.) Up-close, the people look fine. Perfectly fine. Then BAM, they look like derps. It’s only far away, though. In wide shots, typically with another person. It’s very annoying. I know making an anime takes time and money, but at least try for consistency! (Like ‘Re:Zero’ or ‘Amanchu’.) Geez. Is that too much to ask for?



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