Enter the Leader: ‘Mob Psycho 100’ Episode 9

Mob is taking on the esper organization Claw. It’s strange to see him take a leadership position. He hasn’t done so before. But this change in dynamic was a long time coming.

Ritsu is very interesting. He’s complicated. His motives are unclear. When you think you know what he’ll do, the rug is pulled out from under you.
You’d think he’d take the leadership role in the escape. But he doesn’t. Instead, he lets the less powerful kids take charge. Why? I don’t know. But it brings up an interesting point. Is Ritsu planning something? I can guess so, but that isn’t set in stone. There has to be a reason behind his actions. I want to know! This anime has built up Ritsu as a leader, as someone who takes charge. Why is he not doing that now?

Mob was never a leader. He always was a follower. He followed Reigen and then Dimple. Now? He’s his own person. The characters are changed, rapidly, but that isn’t making the anime feel fast. In fact, their changes feel dramatic without being dramatic.
As Mob hunts through the Claw’s HQ, we see another side of him. One that doesn’t hesitate to hurt. While Teru offers to take point, Mob seems to gain control of the situation and fight back. He doesn’t think about lashing out against the Claw. I’m confused by this, but it shows that Mob really cares for Ritsu. Mob’s love for Ritsu overrides any previous inhibitions.


Seeing the Claw’s organization is fascinating. There are lots of things about this organization that makes me ponder. Who is the leader? Who is the dude in the gas mask? What’s going on? What powers do the Scars have? I want to know more.

I’m surprised with the changes in this anime. Everything seems to be happening so fast. First Ritsu, and now Mob. I want to see how far Mob will take his little rescue. And what he might do next.
Also, the Claw is shrouded in mystery.

What will happen next? I’m not sure.


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