Corteo is an Idiot – 91 Days #8 Review

Oh, Fango. You do clean up well. But, honestly, you’re still a prick. And, oh, Corteo. I loved seeing your side of things, but there is no reason for you to act the way you did.

As I have said before, the studio that did this anime (Shuka) really did their research. They have a large emphasis on religion (At least they did in the beginning), and they have a lot of small things that are distinctly ‘American’. (Not trying to sound snooty or anything here.) For example, the newspapers in this episode have ENGLISH headlines. (Even if they’re not in AP style.) And, to my recollection, they had okay grammar. HUZZAH. Let’s celebrate. Take a second to appreciate Studio Shuka because they are trying to show America in a not-entirely-inaccurate light.

Not that I know much about 1920s America. (We are missing Capone and speakeasies, though. Man, I’d love to see some speakeasies. And the seances and all! Okay. I do know some about 1920s America. Prohibition and flappers. OH YEAH. We’re missing flappers.)


Unlike most of the other episodes, we get a completely new perspective. Corteo’s. (Apologies for those who have been confused. I’ve been spelling his name as ‘Cortero’ with an extra R this entire time.)
For most of this anime, I’m actually unsure of who the main character is. Yeah, most would definitively say ‘Avilio, duh’, but I think Nero could be a main character, if not THE main character. The reason I say this is because nothing truly seems to be in Avilio’s point of view. (Though, this could be like ‘Baccano’ and its massive cast of main characters.)
Now, we’re introducing Corteo’s perspective. It’s interesting because he goes under the radar most of the time. For me, he’s Avilio’s wimpy friend who follows him (Avilio) like a puppy. But he stands up for himself in this episode. Of course, I have no clue why. (See the title of this review?) His actions seem useless. (Except for that one thing he did at the end.) There is no reason for him to do this. So, Corteo’s perspective is both a like and dislike for me. It’s interesting to have another perspective, but it doesn’t offer anything to the plot. If we found out about what happened via messenger, nothing would change. The shock would still be there for Nero and Avilio, and Corteo still would be hunted. There is no reason for them to show his actions from his perspective.

While I’m still in like with this anime, there are some things that are tougher to like. Hopefully, though, we reach the end. I’m getting a tad antsy over this drawn-out revenge plot.

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