New Powers, New Enemies: ‘Mob Psycho 100’ Episode 8 Review

Mob and Ritsu collide in this amazing new episode of ‘Mob Psycho 100’. It’s interesting to see how their dynamic has taken a 360. But, of course, that’s not the only trouble that is brewing.

There is another society, intent on attaining Mob (Or Kageyama) for their own (unrevealed) purposes.

When we last saw Mob and Ritsu, Mob was just finding out about Ritsu’s powers. I’m surprised to see his reaction. Instead of being horrified at his younger brother’s actions, Mob is eerily happy. He’s happy that Ritsu got what he wanted. This says a lot about Mob’s personality. He values his little brother and wants the best for him. Even if that means Ritsu is using his powers for evil.
Their relationship is ever changing. Nothing is set in stone. It’ll be interesting to see the lengths Mob goes to go get Ritsu back. (Also, does anyone else wonder why Teru is jumping on this little Save Ritsu parade? He has nothing to do with Ritsu. They’ve met, say, once or twice. What is his connection to Ritsu? Why does he care to save him?)

The new enemy is intriguing. Why do they want Mob? And why now? Mob has had his powers since he was a child. Why not when he was younger and more susceptible to influence? It would make more sense to do it that way.
Also, who are these people? Are they all adults? What are their powers? What do they want to accomplish? Why do they need the children? These are all questions I asked because they weren’t answered. I hope they are answered too.

new powers mob

Also, artistically, Mob’s powers look different. Instead of being black and white or just rays of light, they take on a technicolor look. It’s artistically appealing. I loved seeing him fight. (Also, a side note on the fight, it’s cute that Mob cares for Ritsu like that. Honestly. It’s adorable. Bromance! [Side note to the side note: There are actual people who ship them. It’s kinda awkward since incest, but I can maybe-not-really see it.])
While I loved Mob’s powers before, I love them even more now. It looks gorgeous.

New powers, new enemies

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