Top 5 Amazing Anime Youtubers You Must Check Out!

To be honest, I’ve never been into YouTubers who talk about anime – until recently! And that’s why I must warn you: I don’t know every anime YouTuber nor do I know who the typical and most popular ones are. I just searched through youtube and found some YouTubers I liked a lot, so here are five of them!

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#5 AnimeRuss

He has some very nice reviews with great editing, which makes his videos even more enjoyable to watch!

#4 Glass Reflection

I was so impressed by how much feeling he puts in every video – you can really see how much he truly enjoys anime, and that makes me want to continue watching his videos! His editing skills are also great!

#3 TheOtakuChic

She doesn’t upload regularly, but when there’s a new video up from her, you can almost already be sure it’s going to be good! Quality > Quantity!

#2 Einshine

He’s so funny oh my gosh xD This guy is just hilarious – his videos never really have a point, which makes them great if you watch YouTube videos mainly for the entertainment!

#1 Akidearest

You don’t know how happy I was when I found this youtube channel – there aren’t many female anime YouTubers out there (or many female anime YouTubers out there I know of), so finding her really boosted my motivation to start a youtube channel based on anime!


Check out UNOTAKUs Official YouTube Channel right here!

What are your favorite anime YouTubers or just YouTubers in general?

Let me know in the comment section below!

Daze ya later guys! ;D


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