Tension Between Brothers – 91 Days #7 Review

Avilio’s revenge plot is coming into place. Using the tension between Nero and Frate, Avilio can manipulate the brothers to have his end result. And he does so without hesitation.

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If you didn’t think ’91 Days’ was dark before this episode, then you’ll definitely say it’s dark now. Pitting brother against brother is harsh. Avilio doesn’t hesitate to force another’s hand. Nothing can stop his revenge.
I don’t have a problem with this getting dark; in fact, I kinda like it. Doesn’t anyone else wonder about Avilio’s mental state, though? He has to be a tad crazy to do this to other people. What he’s doing is cruel. He’s forcing families to fight. (Though, not all of it is his doing. Some are tension built up between Frate and Nero which isn’t caused by Avilio.) The cause might not be Avilio’s doing, but the effect definitely is.
I’m waiting to see how far he takes it.

91 days #7

We get to see another side of the anime, though. Instead of Nero and Avilio, the anime introduces us to Frate’s world. He’s struggling under the pressure of the Vanetti family and Ronaldo’s influence. All of this causes him to take drugs (I think it’s like meth or something strong.) Not everything is happy-go-lucky on the flip side of the coin. People struggle on both sides of the fight. It’s an interesting perspective. Instead of looking at only Nero and Avilio’s side of things, we’re exploring both sides of the story. Frate isn’t the villain anymore; he’s a young guy under stress, being forced to take action. It makes me feel for him.


Frate’s stress is seen in his design. We didn’t see Frate a lot before, but he has changed. His physical appearance betrays his stress. There are now bags under his eyes, and he overall looks like a hot mess.
Fango too looks different. He has a more refined look but still speaks like he used to. Being a don is changing his attitude. It’s doing wonders for his complexion (Haha.)
All of these designs look good no matter what.

Hungering for more

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