The Good, The Bad, And The Alright (Guest Post)

Well, hello there. I am Joe from the Reviewer’s Corner. My first collab was actually with UNOTAKU well over a year ago and well we are both gladly doing it again.

In our last post together we each recommended an anime to each other and watched the first three episodes of it. This time is a bit different. We both are picking two shows, one that we liked, and one that well, let’s just say did not enjoy during the first half of the year. But we also agreed to share our thoughts on the same show that both of us saw. So, thank you UNOTAKU for this Collaboration again I hope you and the readers enjoy.




I actually did this series for my weekly review back in winter. When I thought about the first half of the year when it came to enjoyable anime. This was the first to come to mind. Even know trying to think, there were not that many, especially in the winter season, that I liked. I only completed I think 3 shows and dropped a lot of them. But Konosuba was one I got to look forward to each week more and more as time went on.
At first look people could assume it is a harem, one male character with three female leads. But it is the farthest thing from it. The only signs of a romance being there is quickly turned into a joke.
It is like ReZero meets the American Comedy It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. That is probably the easiest way to describe that show. Konosuba had it happen first where the main lead gets taken to another world and dies a few times, at least this year. It now sort of feels like it was quickly overshadowed by ReZero.
Either way the comedy and the characters are always funny. The characters just seem to be horrible people as time goes on more and more. They may have some remote good intentions at times, but other times, not so much. Either way this is one show I would have to recommend to watch before the second season airs in January.

Didn’t Like:

There were plenty that I dropped. Somewhere ones I liked and were dropped on accident. Others I held on only to be disappointed in the end. But I will be going off what I did not like and finished.

Kuma Miko


I really liked most of the show. My biggest problem was towards the end. Everything felt repetitive. The jokes, and just about everything. I stopped three episodes before it ended, and well, I went back a few weeks ago. It was not worth it. I really liked the slice of life comedy it started off as. It gave off the wonderful feeling of leaving in the countryside.
But as time went on, the jokes dealing with Machi’s social anxiety or her lack of knowledge with technology not only felt repetitive, but made it seem like her character was only getting worse. Each of the last few episodes made it seem like her social anxiety were getting worse. The final episode I would jump ahead every few minutes, only to see a similar joke being made. I never jump ahead and skip parts of episodes, this was a first and hopefully it will be the last time I have to do it.
The ending was apparently original. Originality can be good when it works. Sadly, it did not work in this show’s case. What started off as a fun show, slowly got repetitive, boring, and concerning in some cases.

The One UNOTAKU and I decided on


Erased 2

Both Unotaku and I decided to also talk about a show we both saw. I do not know her thoughts on Erased, but I enjoyed it. There was some good and some bad in the show. But well, let’s start with the bad before going onto the good.
The ending seemed a little, rushed, or maybe it just felt incomplete. They covered the entire manga series since it ended just short of the final episode. I only say that it feels incomplete more for the character and what happens to him. That is really the only problem I have with it. The mystery aspect in all honesty now, I forget it, since I watched the show in just a few days when it finished airing. I forget the motivation behind the villain. Upon looking it up, it just seems not as well thought out in the long run. I am also not big on the mystery genre, so maybe this could play a role in this.
Overall finding the mystery, the characters and the buildup of events was good. It is hard to believe that the first episode covers a full volume of the manga. But it worked. The ending did throw a nice twist to it for the final episode. But with the exception of everything previously said about the bad, everything else was enjoyable. It stayed suspenseful. Of course there were a few things, namely the reason for jumping back in time, that was never answered. The show I still found enjoyable was also one of the few I completed during the winter season.
I also cannot fully say if I would recommend it to people, it was certainly over hyped and I am uncertain to why that is. But it is a partial reason for why I would not recommend it fully unless you seem interested in it or mysteries.

Once more I would like to thank UNOTAKU for this opportunity, I hope you enjoyed this collab. Feel free to of course check her blog out since I am only a guest. My Blog, Reviewer’s Corner, I mostly do reviews and the occasional opinion post so feel free to stop by.

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