Top Five Amazing Bungou Stray Dogs Powers!

Bungou Stray Dogs‘ revolves around an Agency with detectives with supernatural powers. Some of these are insanely awesome, and I decided to dedicate a post to the top five powers in ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’.

5) Demon Snow

demon snow

Demon Snow is Kyouka’s power. It’s a ghostly woman in white with a sword that can cut through anything with just a part removed from its scabbard.

What’s interesting about this power is that it isn’t controlled by Kyouka herself. Rather, it’s controlled by whoever is calling her cell phone. Her power isn’t hers. She is just a pawn.
But I love how powerful Demon Snow is. The barest peek at the sword can render a man useless. It’s fascinating. What is its power when it’s fully extended? Oh man. That makes my mind spin.

4) Beast Beneath the Moonlight

beast beneath

This is Atsushi’s power. He can summon his full weretiger form. But he can also summon sections of it. For example, he can summon just his strong legs. That’s after he figured it out, though.

What’s interesting about his power is that he can summon different limbs. Unlike other shapeshifters, he can change certain parts. Which I think is very interesting. And it’s definitely unique.
He is also very strong and fast as a weretiger. He fought many Port Mafia opponents and came out swinging. Even if he got hit. A lot.

3) Doppo Poetry

doppo poety

Kunikida’s power is very different. I haven’t seen something like it before. He can create things he has seen after writing it in his notebook. It’ll appear in reality as soon as he pulls it out. It’s a really cool power.

I’d love to create things from memory. Especially things like…you know…fictional characters. Wouldn’t that be amazing?
Kunikida uses it really well too. He knows what he needs when he needs it. Remember that one episode when he pulled out a grappling hook? That was cool. I can’t imagine why he has that memorized, though…

2) Light Snow

light snow

Tanizaki’s power is really interesting. He can create an illusion out of thin air. When his illusion fades away, it looks like the Matrix. Which is pretty cool, if you ask me.

This power is very useful. I’d like to create illusions. I could sneak in and out of awful situations. Wouldn’t that be great? You could avoid the awkward situations at work and school and home. Ah, just thinking about it is making me smile.
The Agency uses this power a good amount too. It’s used to dupe people into thinking something happened (Remember the last episode and the door? Yup.) It’s useful in more ways than one. You could convince someone that another person had died. Faking a death would be 10x easier if you could just project the image of a dead body onto the floor. That’d be super cool. Hm…

1) No Longer Human

no longer human

Dazai’s power is probably the best of them all. He can render any gifted individual’s power null and void. He just has to touch them.

In the anime, Dazai doesn’t use this power a lot. He uses it maybe once or twice, but we get an eyeful of awesome animation when he does. It’s gorgeous and complicated.
I love watching him use this power. It’s definitely different. And highly useful. Dazai could make any gifted person normal. What would be even cooler is if he could change how long they were normal. With that, he could make people normal forever. Oh man. That’s plain cruel…

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Which is your favorite power in ‘Bungou Stray Dogs’? Which one would you want the most?

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