Summer’s Coming Up! – 5 Hot Summer 2016 Anime (Preview)

The weather’s getting hotter, the days are getting longer, and it’s the perfect time to sit at our desk with all lights off and all blinds closed – and watch the upcoming summer 2016 anime!

Not sure what awaits you this summer?

Here’s our first preview for the upcoming anime summer season!

91 Days

91 Days

  • Episodes: –
  • Start: Jul 9
  • Genres: Drama
  • Studio: Shuka

The story takes place in the United States in 1920, where the main character Avilo plans to join a mafia group called “The Vampiro Family” only to secretly seek revenge of the killers who killed his parents and brother. But soon they notice that one kill isn’t enough, and that the first revenge turns into another one – and it all becomes a bloody match between families.

Danganronpa Zetsubou-hen/Mirai-hen

Danganronpa 7

  • Episodes: –
  • Starts: Jul 14/Jul 11
  • Genres: Action, Horror, Mystery, Psychological
  • Studio: Lerche

Two new seasons for the 2013 anime Danganronpa: The Animation. Click here for more infos.


Handa kun

  • Episodes: –
  • Starts: Jul 8
  • Genres: Comedy, Slice-Of-Life
  • Studio: Diomedea

In this anime our protagonist Handa-kun is a very popular student at his school, who is being admired for his calligraphy skills. The problem is, that Handa-kun mistakes the love he gets from the other students as bullying – he just wants to live a normal and quiet life, but of course we can expect that not to happen.



  • Episodes: –
  • Starts: Jul 4
  • Genres: Drama, Romance, School, Sci-Fi
  • Studio: Telecom Animation Film

One day something strange happened to Naho Takamiya: She finds a letter that was written by herself, but from 10 years in the future. At first it may have seemed unbelievable, but as she kept on reading, the letter started stating the exact events that happened that day, including the student transfer from Kakeru Naruse. The letter also said, that the Naho from 10 years later has many regrets, especially regarding Kakeru – and that she wants to change everything by telling her past self what to do different, so that Kakeru will also be there 10 years later.



  • Episodes: 13
  • Starts: Jun 24
  • Genres: Romance, School, Slice-Of-Life
  • Studio: TMS Entertainment

The anime follows the 27-year-old Kaizaki Arata, who can’t seem to find a new job after quitting his old one. But once he met Yoake Ryou his whole life starts to change. He offered him to become a subject in an experiment for a year: he’s supposed to take a drug, that’ll change hs appearance to a 17-year-old guy again. He accepts the job and lives the life of a high school student once more.

Which anime will you be watching this summer?

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Daze ya later guys! ;D

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