Top 10 Fantasy Anime That’ll Make You Think You’re Dreaming

Fantasy is one of my favorite genres. I love being dragged into this world where there are no limits – it captures my attention. But there are many fantasy animes out there. I don’t like all of them.

Here’s a list of my Top Ten Fantasy anime!

1) Magi: Labyrinth of Magic


  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Oct 2012 – Mar 2013
  • Genres: Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Shounen
  • Studio: A-1 Pictures

This is a recent watch of mine. But I adore it.
This anime is about a world where magic exists. We follow two strangers Alibaba and Aladdin who meet and decide to go on an adventure together. They bond over
With its amazing friendship between Alibaba and Aladdin, I fell in love. These two worked so well together. They had this amazing connection. And, remember, they barely knew each other when they met.
This anime also got me with its amazing emotions. I cried at least once. (Ehem…episode 17, anyone?) This anime really tugged on your heartstrings and made you feel for the characters. Even if you hated them.
Brownie points for having cute male characters like Ugo.



2) 07 Ghost


  • Episodes: 25
  • Aired: Apr 2009 – Sep 2009
  • Genre: Action, Fantasy, Military, Shoujo
  • Studio: Studio Deen

This anime is one of my favorite animes of all time. It’s amazing. A friend of mine (one I don’t talk to anymore) suggested it to me. Well, it’s more along the lines of she gushed about it a lot, so that influenced me. But I don’t regret watching it at all.
It follows the story of the young Teito Klien who is on the run. He seems asylum in a church where three bishops take him under their wings. But all four characters are hiding secrets. Secrets they themselves may not know.
I love the characters to death. Teito Klien had such an interesting backstory. So much happened to him when he was young. It was kinda sad actually. And his relationship with his friend Mikage was so heartbreaking. Friendship goals! They were so great together.
The characters weren’t 2-D. They had emotions to them and feelings and reactions. Frau wasn’t just a womanizing bishop. He had feelings too. Labrador had a dark streak, and Castor was smart and very perceptive.

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