5 Anime Blogs That Are Definitely Worth A Follow!

Are you looking for anime blogs that share awesome content created for every otaku out there?

Then you should definitely take a look at these 5 amazing bloggers, that provide you with the latest anime news, reviews and much more!

Of course there are so many anime blogs out there with quality content, so I’m just talking about the blogs I came across throughout my blogging journey and that I check regularly.

#1 Daily Anime Art


This is honestly my favorite anime blog when I want to be updated with the “bigger” anime, like Naruto, Fairy Tail, One Piece, Bleach (I don’t watch One Piece and Bleach, but I just want to mention, that he covers those anime aswell) etc.

I’ve always loved the Daily Anime Art design and admired the fact, that he updates regularly – and by regularly I mean everyday.

What more do you want?

Click here to check out this blog!


  • News
  • Recommendations
  • Naruto, One Piece etc.

And if your a little bit more interested in the writer behind the blog, check out his story on How He Actually Got Into Anime!

#2 LitaKino Anime Corner


Okay, this is a much more personal blog than the one I just mentioned – not only does she review a bunch of different anime, she also does so many different types of posts, such as discussions, unboxings, monthly favorites and more.

But my favorite series from this blog is “Lita’s Blogger Feature Friday”, where she talks about her favorite blog of the week. I think it’s really interesting, because I’m always looking for fellow anime bloggers, and this series helps me get to know much more.

Click here to check out this blog!


  • Anime Reviews
  • Blog Reviews
  • Personal Posts

I was also mentioned once in her blogger feature friday series, and I’m still honored to this day, even though it’s already been a year (damn, time flies!)!

Click here if you want to check it out!

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