Will Watamote Get A Second Season?


Since my last post “Another Chance For Tomoko? – Watamote Second Season” has some technical issues (or however you can call that), I decided to update the current Watamote situation with this post. I mean, it’s been over a year now, things have to be changing…right?


I don’t want to sugarcoat anything here for you, I’ll just tell you all the information I know. If you’re a huge Watamote fan as I am, this is probably going to be the answer you already expect, but it will still be very disappointing.

It’s been almost 4 years now since Watashi Ga Motenai was aired…4 years! Like, where did the time go? It feels like I was just laying in my bed and anxiously waiting for Tomoko’s next disaster yesterday. And there are still currently no plans in producing the second season for it. Or at least there aren’t any announcements or news – the producers aren’t mentioning the anime anywhere, so we can assume that there aren’t any plans (unless they’re trying to surprise us with a secret new season, of course).

These past few years I always asked myself “Why isn’t there another season?! There are so many people, who love this series!”

And even if that is true, I was actually only talking about the western anime lovers – but in Japan, the anime really wasn’t that popular. And since producers set their main focus on Japanese otakus, obviously, this is probably another reason why Tomoko’s journey ended so soon.

But there’s still hope!

Since the manga is still ongoing, there is definitely material for the studio to produce one more season. I mean, just because they have material doesn’t mean they’ll actually produce, but at least if they wanted to, they could. And remember that OVA, the 13th episode of Watamote that was aired in Fall 2013 or so? Tomoko was literally talking about the second season in that episode! This used to give me so much hope, since even the main character mentions another season. And it would be really messed up and rude of them if they just changed their minds – the 13th episode really made me believe that there will be more to come. And now it’s 2017 and all I hear is “What’s WataMote?”.

But who knows: maybe next year they’ll surprise us with the second season (even though I really don’t believe it anymore, but there’s always a small ray of hope inside of me).

So to sum it up:

No matter how I look at it, it’s Japan’s fault Watamote is unpopular!

And if you’ve had no idea what I was talking about for the last 300 words – first of all, thank you for reading! And second of all, read the full Watamote review here and definitely watch the anime!

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Watashi Ga Motenai

What’s your opinion on this topic? Will Tomoko get another chance?

Let me know in the comment section!

Daze ya later! ;D

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  • Saeger Ryman

    I’m a WataMote superfan (note the avatar). I’m not mindlessly optimistic about the chances for season two, but a few things to keep in mind: first, the story that WataMote is “unpopular in Japan” has no real mooring in fact, as far as I can tell. It is troll gossip. WataMote’s DVD sales may have left something to be desired, but that’s not the same thing as being unpopular.

    Last month, for example, QVC Field in Japan hosted the WataMote x Chiba Lotte Marines collaboration. Part of this included a pricey fan party, where you could come in and get the latest volume of WataMote autographed by Nico Tanigawa. Tomoko’s voice actress Kitta Izumi showed up and danced on field with the cheerleaders. Special baseball-themed WataMote merchandise was sold. Some fans *in Japan* mind you wrote blog posts hoping that this event was a precursor to an announcement for season 2.

    Not yet, anyway.

    WataMote’s home on the web is Gangan Online, which is Square Enix’s website for online manga. The site includes a lot of popular stuff, yet Gangan frequently uses Tomoko as their visual representative. She shows up as their iconic character frequently on the home page, in pinned tweets, and all that. They’ll post messages about how x number of comics *including WataMote* have updated. Why would they do this if WataMote was so despised in Japan?

    I’m not even sure how accurate the claim about the DVD sales are. I’ve seen one report posted online indicating poor sales for WataMote, but it was curiously dated before the discs were officially released for sale! I’ve yet to find an explanation for that, or further reports. Apart from that, I just see people outside of Japan claiming that its sales sucked, based on that one data point.

    This would not take into account, for example, WataMote’s international support. Most likely executives at Square Enix (or whoever ultimately calls the shot on further WataMote anime) have a *lot* more data to go by than that. The early reports would also not take into account WataMote’s ongoing cult status, as opposed to some other lame anime that bombs and nobody ever hears of again.

    However, I don’t view all of this as a reason to get sappy and insist that there will be another season for certain. It may be that DVD sales were fairly disappointing, and it may just be that it’s popular as a manga, but not popular as an anime.

    Something else to consider is the structure of the ongoing manga. It wasn’t that long ago that WataMote volume 8 was issued. The first season of the anime covered volumes 1 through 4. Volume 9 was just released in Japan a couple of months ago. So mathematically, the series just recently crossed the point where there was an equal amount of material for another 12 episodes. WataMote’s stories tend to be short, from 6-12 pages an update, compared to two dozen or more pages for other monthly manga.

    At the same time, the structure of the second season will be more difficult for the planners, because while her first year was made up of various vignettes that could be rearranged and recombined, her second year consists of a more straightforward narrative, showing how she at last makes some progress, and starts making some friends despite herself. It can’t be shuffled so much. The school trip was the longest arc in the series history, and would take up something like three or four episodes. The point I’m making here is that to adapt to the anime format, they might have to skip a lot more material than they did in the first season, in order to create the right flow. That means it would take more than four volumes to “feed” another season.

    Another problem I wonder about is how possible censorship in Japan might complicate production of a new anime. There are several critical stories that center around… er… male genitalia. The first anime sort of cleaned up Tomoko a little bit, but it would be harder to hold her back in the second one.

    The best thing a WataMote fan can do is just keep up with the manga and not worry about the anime. It will just be a nice surprise if we get another season.

    • Wow, I’m impressed – thanks so much for taking the time and sharing your Watamote-Knowledge with us, you really pointed out some very interesting aspects!

      • Saeger Ryman

        You’re welcome! I pick up a lot of info from the WataMote subreddit, plus I keep up with some of the other fans on Twitter, including some in Japan. The webmaster of watamote.com posts in Japanese and English. Even Nico Tanigawa post on Twitter, every once in a while.

        This is probably no substitute for a season two, but I’ve been posting manga videos — I’m not really sure what to call them, manga on video plus music soundtrack — from the school trip, the few stories that the first anime skipped, or happened at the end of her first school year. Three of these chapters is the equivalent of one missing episode.

        • Lex

          You the real MVP…

          And I really want a season 2 too!
          I wonder if Mokocchi ends up happy in the manga :’/

  • Rugains Fleuridor

    Ugh… I was gonna say that “unpopular” pun if you didn’t. Crap, WTF Japan?

  • Pedro Ferreira


    • I feel you haha – been waiting for years :'(

  • Akecha15

    I loved Watamote, but to be honest it ended nicely and I wouldn’t want a second season.

  • Victor Beristain

    I really liked WateMote especially the ending. They better make a 2nd season.

    • Yeah, they better…I’m still waiting lol

  • Sanjeev Kumar

    i need second season