Top 10 Cliché We See In Almost Every Anime

Ahh Anime – we all know what it is, we all know how they work, and of course we all know all the typical anime clichés…or do we?
Here’s a list of the Top 10 cliché you see in almost too many anime!

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X. The Hungry Protagonist

Dragonball Goku

Especially in the “big” anime we almost always see a character, who seems to be eating for not only themselves, but also for the rest of their crew – the amount they eat can’t be human anymore! But I guess they need it, since they use a huge amount of energy for fighting.

IX. The Boob Accident

Anime Guy Falling

How often have we seen this “accident”? When a boy “accidently” trips and for some reason always falls on a girls boobs. Why does it always happen? I don’t know. But maybe they just want the guys hands or face to land on something soft…

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