Top 10 Cliché We See In Almost Every Anime

Ahh Anime – we all know what it is, we all know how they work, and of course we all know all the typical anime clichés…or do we?
Here’s a list of the Top 10 cliché you see in almost too many anime!

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X. The Hungry Protagonist

Dragonball Goku

Especially in the “big” anime we almost always see a character, who seems to be eating for not only themselves, but also for the rest of their crew – the amount they eat can’t be human anymore! But I guess they need it, since they use a huge amount of energy for fighting.

IX. The Boob Accident

Anime Guy Falling

How often have we seen this “accident”? When a boy “accidently” trips and for some reason always falls on a girls boobs. Why does it always happen? I don’t know. But maybe they just want the guys hands or face to land on something soft…

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  • Row

    The “Late For School” Breakfast is a common anime cliché that I see when it comes to romcom anime. Maybe I should try doing that. I might encounter a tsundere on the way to school, though I will look like a total weirdo lol.

    • Hahaha xD But I guess it’s worth a try!

      • Row

        Will try it someday haha.

  • Omg such a good list. It’s so true haha

  • Each and every cliché serve a purpose.

  • Oh my god, number 1 kills me sooooo much. In a recent Bleach chapter Urahara was like “I’m not going to tell you how my power works” and then three pages later he freakin tells the bad guy how his power works!!! WTF!

    • Hahaha ikr, it happens so often!! xD

  • Ans to No.3: The average anime character probably has twice the amount of blood as normal people. Have you seen how much blood gets sprayed everywhere when someone fights/dies?

    • Hahaha yeah, that’s true, I didn’t think about that xD

  • I wish I fell into breasts rather than clipping my hip on table edges and hittin’ the ground hard.
    Also, where’d you get the picture for the Protagonist’s Seat? Do you know what it’s from or if it’s just fan art? It’s really pretty, that’s all!

  • Haha, I never noticed the The “Tsundere Kick” as being a thing until now!

    I also like ‘beer-can slob,’ think Misato NGE. It’s as if I were anime.